Lorraine Robson

artist focus
May 15, 2020

Lorraine Robson makes beautiful, thought-provoking works that pay homage to ancient and primitive skills, while embracing contemporary influences. In a world dominated by commercialism and technology, she enjoys the meditative nature of allowing the form to evolve with handwork, imagination and human labour, using the most primitive and natural materials available: the earth itself. Lorraine participated in Collect Open 2020 the installation can be viewed towards the end of this film below.



My theme for this installation builds on my previous body of work, funded by Creative Scotland, exploring ideas of lost memory through Dementia. That work focused on one off hand-built vessels and flatware forms, referencing armour observed in museums for aesthetics, in a reductive colour palette of slate, ivory, terracotta and blood red, both earthy and intensely human. It is reminiscent of rock and earth, blood and bone.


This sculptural ceramic work is further development of those ideas and a new method of production, comprising of slip-cast multiple elements to invite engagement and continuing to raise awareness of Dementia, particularly highlighting the positive effect on cognitive thinking and quality of life, through creativity for those with Dementia diagnosis.


The tile of the work, and smooth, phallic tactile motifs, innocently cast from a plastic percussion instrument are deliberately suggestive. 

The original function removed; I intend this ambiguity to encourage discussion and debate.


The installation of diamond polished, red glazed clay replicas, slip cast from a found object, a plastic Maraca, borrowed from my mums Residential Care Home after I attended a live music event, are produced from plaster moulds, wall hung in a considered arrangement to suggest language/music with the ‘instruments’, altered casts from the same mould suspended in front.