Ele Pack

Artist Focus
May 1, 2020

Ele Pack received her degree from Loughborough College of Art. She now lives and works in Brighton.


MADE OF AIR – A series of paintings by Ele Pack for her forth comimg solo show this September.


With this series of work, she wanted to create paintings filled with air, light and life. Intricately drawn marks with broad swathes of intense colour. A clarity of line speaking to directness and powerful intention.


She sees her paintings existing in the same space as music or poetry. Experiences to be felt on an emotional level. In the space where words escape us, where visual language becomes more truthful, disclosing our real selves, through mark and metaphor.


We are revealed in the marks we make, through our hands to the canvas. It is either an attempt to say more, to be more truthful or to lay bare things unknown to ourselves.