Mary Morrison

November 2, 2019

Mary Morrison
2 – 27 November 2019


1. a current of water below the surface and moving in a different direction from any surface current.
2. an implicit quality, emotion, or influence underlying the superficial aspects of something and leaving a particular impression.


I grew up in the Western Isles, and am drawn to exploring the space and light which is particular to these islands. I am largely led by the pursuit of ‘memory places’ and aim to evoke a sense of place through fluid paint effects which combine with graphic elements of annotation – the visual language of mapping, measuring and music. Grids, staves, elements of maps and tide tables recur in my work.


Where works have titles referring to specific locations, the intention is to draw on personal connections to these places in order to explore wider themes. My intention is not to render the topography of a landscape but to explore in a more abstracted way the relationship between the individual and the landscape that has shaped them, something you carry with you – a ‘geography of the mind’. My work suggests liminal spaces, edges, tidal lines – always shifting.