Structure & Fracture: Andrew Clausen & Susan Laughton

4 June - 29 June 2022

Structure & Fracture brings together the architecturally inspired works of Andrew Clausen and Susan Laughton. Using their own creative practices, Clausen and Laughton manipulate the natural and urban essence of materials. 

  • Andrew Clausen, born in California, USA, started his artistic journey at the cooperative studios of Art City Sculpture, Ventura. In...


    Andrew Clausen, born in California, USA, started his artistic journey at the cooperative studios of Art City Sculpture, Ventura. In 1999, Clausen travelled to Italy where he spent 13 years working with Italian master artisans. It is here that Clausen discovered and developed his conceptual processes and refined his choice of mediums. 


    Clausen adopts an engineering technique to produce contemporary structures, whilst maintaining the natural quality of the materials. Cast concrete forms the primary basis to his compositions, with the addition of metal, graphite and ink transfers. Clausen begins with a 2-dimensional graphical sketch, which is digitally transformed into a delicate relief design and translated onto the concrete surface. The final step is the alchemy of the curing concrete, physically converting Clausen’s ideas into stone. These geometric shapes, combined with the soft muted grey tones, draws on themes found within an industrial environment. 


    After twelve years working in architecture, Susan Laughton returned to education, graduating with a BA Hons in Art & Design. From 2006, Laughton has been working as a full-time artist.


    Laughton’s ‘let’s see what happens if…’ procedure allows the materials to gain a sense of agency. Landscapes form the initial inspiration for Laughton’s work. She treats these sites as fluid forms, which change and alter overtime. This captures the way we, as humans, experience and see our environment. 


    Both artists capture the juxtaposing relationship between the natural and the man-made world.

  • Andrew Clausen

    Andrew Clausen, studio shot.

    Andrew Clausen

    Andrew Clausen (U.S.A.) began his artistic training in the cooperative studios of Art City in Southern California. From there he traveled to Italy where for 13 years he worked alongside master artisans and developed his craft into a tuned combination of conceptual ideas and refined use of materials. 


    Cast concrete and fabricated metals are his primary mediums which are used to form works that span between minimalist thought-provoking objects to engaging fabrications. 


    He currently lives and works in the city of Arnhem, Netherlands.

  • Susan Laughton

    Susan Laughton, studio shot.

    Susan Laughton

    Susan Laughton worked in architecture for twelve years before returning to education to study art graduating with a BA Hons in 2002. Her work has been selected for the Royal West of England Academy Drawn exhibition, the Royal Scottish Academy Annual exhibition and Fully Awake 5:6 at the Freelands Foundation, London. She has been a professional artist since 2006 and currently works from Vale Artists Studios in Cheshire.
    Susan’s long standing interest in landscape and architecture has always inspired her painting and drawing. Vernacular buildings, both rural and urban, domestic and functional are a source of geometric, architectural forms. More recently pieces of broken ceramics found in the fields near home on the edge of the Potteries in Staffordshire have brought a different scale of reference. A reductive approach to these sources is used to select and refine the intentional placement of linear and spatial elements. These are set against the more random physicality of different surfaces whether they are hand applied plaster or the grain of plywood that connect back to the built environment.