Tiny Yet Mighty

6 February - 5 March 2021

&Gallery is delighted to present Tiny Yet Mighty, a celebration of small scale paintings and sculptures, a special selection of artworks by the Artists of the Gallery 

Rebecca Appleby, Joy Arden, Jonathan Barber, Helen Booth, Andrew Clausen, Michael Craik, Joan Doerr, Hanna ten Doornkaat, Liz Douglas, Jana Emburey, Jeffrey Cortland-Jones, Susan Laughton, Karine Léger, Elfyn Lewis, Jai Llewellyn, James Lumsden, Andrew Mackenzie, David Mankin, Ivan De Menis, Emily Moore, Mary Morrison, Lorraine Robson, Anke Roder, Laura Jane Scott, Anna Somerville, Elaine Speirs, Jon Thomas and JFK Turner.