Liz Douglas: Mire: Pools & Pockets

4 - 29 November 2017

The work of Liz Douglas is about landscape with an emphasis on particular places.


Her work uses drawing as an important element in her work which is used to collect information from a wide variety of sources when researching sites which interest her. She is trying to find a way of incorporating drawing into painting. What is drawing and what is painting – are they the same? This is a constant theme in her work.


Contemporary practices in both drawing and painting, in relation to traditional methods, are a constant challenge in order to find innovative ways of making work that challenges her perception of landscape. She paints often on a large scale, layering paint to create surface texture, colour and structure.


My painting is influenced by specific landscapes. The ‘macro and micro’ and ‘visible and invisible’ are elements fascinate me which I incorporate into my work. I continually try to find ways to express elements of the landscape that reveal something else that is elusive and intriguing, difficult to quantify, with a poetic resonance.  Drawing is an important part of the process – a looking at the landscape, engaging with it in all weathers to find something that resonates. I have a long connection with landscape – it is part of myself and something that I always try to connect with through my working process.  In my research work I explore ancient themes, contemporary issues, northern European painting traditions, and Eastern traditions to explore my subject matter.