Ele Pack: Holding the Oceans

7 April - 5 May 2018

Ele Pack received her degree from Loughborough College of Art. She now lives and works in Brighton. She has exhibited her paintings both nationally, and internationally. Her work has been exhibited by various UK galleries and overseas


Using pattern and mark to create rhythm, Pack uses a range of materials; paint, pencil, fabric, collage, metallics, and build up the paintings in a very organic way overlaying layers of paint, mark and collage to build up the pictorial space. This creates glimpses, hidden spaces, things half shown, suggested. Pack uses delicate layers of texture, drawing and colour to create an ambiguous space. The image is then worked and reworked until the image is “found”. Only when a balance and integration is achieved the painting is finished.


“With this series of works I was influenced by the space and light of a recent visit to the mountains of Sequoia and Los Angeles. I also looked at the warmth and emotional weight of Rothko’s colour field series and the lines and wide open spaces of Diebenkorn’s paintings.


I worked on building a painting language that felt meaningful to me, using large swathes of colour to portray emotion and warmth. Using line to create dynamism, movement and energy. A balance and contrast of elegant controlled lines with more primal random markings. A balance of the conscious and subconscious, a contrast of lyrical softness and powerful dynamism.


As always, it is my aim to create cohesive beautiful paintings that are filled with feeling, light, joy and humanity.”