Anna Somerville: Reflections

2 - 30 March 2019

Following on from Somerville’s August 2017 solo show Horizon at &Gallery, Reflections is her most recent evolution of oil paintings and for the first time, mixed media on paper. Her decision to work on paper has given her a new found freedom to work with greater immediacy and with the full gamut of artists materials; acrylics, inks, oil bars, pastels, pencils, graphite and spray paint.


Passionate about paint, mark making and colour, Somerville works intuitively imagining expressive, painterly scapes that conjure up hazy memories of places that she has visited. Layers of thick impasto paint, fine detail glazes, scratched, worked back, scrubbed out and scribbled over canvas, linen and paper, she creates open expanses of space and light in her compositions, allowing the viewer to delve between the layers of paint and reflect on their own memories.


Somerville is an award winning graduate from Edinburgh College of Art and her work has been exhibited in many galleries both nationally and internationally. She works from her studio at Summerhall in Edinburgh where she very much enjoys the vibrancy of the building and it’s residents.