Liz Douglas: Shoormal – a space between…

5 - 30 March 2022

This new work is based on an immersion in particular landscapes, mainly in Scotland – mires, wild places, places of regeneration and inspired ecology, which are also places of quiet. Pools, edges and space fascinate me- as is the finding of a visual form from each site. From the vantage point of my studio in Southern Scotland I make work that engages with sites in the north, west and Scottish Borders. These places are part of a conversation I have with the natural world through the making of painting and drawings, as well as with other artists’ working practices which inspire me. The artist and teacher William Johnstone introduced me to the idea of working in the round.


Over lockdown I have had an opportunity to experiment with new working processes using studies and ideas that I have not had time to explore and develop until now. Drawing and print have been immensely important in the exploring of these visual ideas as has the layering process using paint. My aim is to create a sense of simplicity in structure, form and colour. I sift and edit from a myriad of visual references that I use freely in the underpainting of a work. It is the visual reimagining of the landscape that I find compelling. A sense of musical notation and poetics in the finished work is something that I aspire to.


Liz Douglas is an artist working in the Scottish Borders. She was born and brought up in Angus. She studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art, completing her postgraduate Masters in Fine Art, Painting in 1993.