Greer Ralston: Nuances de Blanc

3 - 28 June 2017

It is not the intention to portray the subject as an object of domestic decoration, but to examine closely and interpret the shapes, almost resembling the sculptural makeup of a landscape. Greer is particularly interested in white flowers and the way the white picks up and reflects all the colours around it, "White is not just white!". The selection of flowers chosen for this body of work: Peonies, Parrot Tulips and Ranunculus (spring rose) are all white and all with a complicated, multi layered surface that creates a world of intrigue, full of shape and colour.


Greer's approach to creating the work starts with painting loosely, freehand with a large brush to form the composition. She then moves on to building up many layers using thin glazes of oil paint to create the final structure and detail. This is slow and painstaking work, as each layer has to be completely dry before the next application.

Greer tries not to be influenced by other artists but has found inspiration in the Victorian painter and illustrator Marianne North and the American artist Georgia O'Keeffe; not so much in their style but in their approach to the subject matter, and also the place they hold in the history of women artists.